DPS Memorial Summer School Night News: 18th August

Jeff & Mike’s Film Photography Night:

It was another very good DPS MSS night enjoyed by a packed gathering of members, with a sprinkling of guests which is always good to see. As a bonus there was an amazing array of film cameras brought in by Jeff & Mike and other members to view and handle

Mike Boult kicked off with the story of his journey in photography since joining the club,  his venture into pinhole photography and how much he appreciated the support of fellow members which led to the creation of the DPS mentor scheme.

Jeff Teasdale, vastly experienced in all aspects of film photography, gave fascinating insights into the history, the formats both old and still current, the available film types, the work of legendary film photographers and more. Altogether it was interesting, inspiring and educational. His enthusiasm for the current film photography renaissance was infectious

Mike says, “If you want to know more about film photography or in fact any aspect of photography, remember we have now set up a mentoring scheme. All the details are on the Members Page. These people are there to help. All you need to do is contact them!”

The launch of the new mentor scheme for Durham PS Members is here

Useful links for film camera buyers (to use and/or collect – others are available):

West Yorkshire Cameras link

Camera Fayre Auctions, Boston Spa link

The Intrepid Camera Company link

On Track Exhibition, Shildon RM

This is going to be very special! The plan is for as many members as possible to take part. Please send railway images for selection to David Trout by 12th September but don’t wait for the deadline – sooner is better than later. Email size 800 max width by 600px max height

See earlier NewsBlog for details here.

Annual Exhibition Durham Cathedral

The exhibition continues and will be on in the North Aisle until 29th August with take down on the 30th. Members can continue to enjoy stewarding and meeting the public. It’s a golden opportunity not to be missed. See The Joys of Stewarding the DPS Annual Exhibition here

We need volunteers to join the crack DPS Take Down Crew on the 30th

Town Hall Exhibition

Members’ photography is also on show in the entrance gallery of Durham Town Hall. The theme is “What makes the North East great”. But hurry – must come down at the end of August

Edinburgh Fringe – Members Galleries 2016

As well as individual members’ galleries (including two new ones from David Trout and Brian Blake) we are creating a group one from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with pictures taken by as many members as possible. Say 3 to 7 images each 800px max width by 600 px max height. Email to Tony Griffiths (address inside rear cover of your programme. Very good contributions so far

Members Galleries 2016 is here

About us Gallery

Currently showing is a wonderful collection of members’ landscapes to be followed in a week or so by Landscapes Part 2 link

Dale’s Wet Collodian Portrait Project

To have your portrait taken by Dale Wesley Hill is special and yours could appear in his amazing gallery of prints that will be seen at the club. You won’t regret it! Both women and men needed

Crystal Balls Challenge – don’t hog!

We have two! Please pass them around between members during the summer and/or bring in on Thursday night so everyone can apply their imagination and creativity, not to say technical skill between now and review night 8th December

This Weekend

Edinburgh Fringe is still on! Links and more events through the summer and autumn are on the Hot Dates page here.

Next Week Thursday 25th August

It’s the fourth and final of the DPS Memorial Summer School events taking place on Thursdays nights in August and we’re going to conclude our first ever DPS MSS season with a bang and flashes of light! Namely – Light Painting with Sandra Hewitson . It will be a hands on, fun photography night involving two set ups. Bring your camera and, if you have them, tripod an remote release

Then on Thursday 1st September our club night programme kicks off again with an evening with a truly star couple, the Kenny and Trott of the PAGB world! Rod Wheelans MPAGB MFIAP FIPF HonPAGB HonSPF and Anne Greiner MPAGB with ’More Holiday Snaps’

Pictured: Evening Light by Ivor Miller – from the landscape collection in About us

Evening Light. Ivor Miller

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