The Joys of Stewarding the DPS Annual Exhibition

The Durham PS Annual Exhibition in the North Aisle of Durham Cathedral is proving very popular with visitors and it’s good if there are DPS members on site to chat

To be a Steward, it’s simple – just turn up for a couple of hours. There’s an ID badge on site and of course other members may also be there which is especially good at busy times

If you’ve not experienced it before, it’s simply a matter of being friendly and getting into conversation. Just saying hello is good. Asking them what they think of the exhibition, what kind of photography they like doing, where do they come from are just some of the approaches that people seem to like.

Feel free to mention our website which has a lot of good stuff whether or not they are thinking of joining us

Be very quiet when there are services on and remember no photography is allowed inside the Cathedral without permission. Those not going to the Summer School portrait night tonight may like to know there is a Photography Evening at the Cathedral (see Hot Dates for the link). Most other nights in August the Cathedral is open to all until 8.00 pm

See also: John Cogan on the Joys of Stewarding an Exhibition on the Articles page here

Pictured: the Robin Wallace Memorial panel and views towards the Crossing and West Door

   View towards the Crossing  Robin Wallace Memorial Panel  View towards the West Door

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