Membership Forms

The new General Data Protection Regulations came into force recently. They require that the club has its members permission to hold and keep data about them in relation to running and organising the club. It also requires that the data is kept up to date.

So the committee has decided to issue a membership form to do this.

Also on the form is a section about Gift Aid. If you are a Tax payer paying more than £10.00 a year the club can claim that back under Gift Aid. Making your £40.00 subs worth £50.00 to the club.

Bear in mind it’s not just P.A.Y.E it’s also tax you might pay on private or company pensions, Savings etc.

The more we can claim in Gift Aid the better it is when the committee reviews the Subs for next year.

It is Important that you complete and return these forms. As I said the club has to have your permission to hold your Data and if we don’t have these forms we would have to take a view on whether that permission is being withheld and if you wish to continue your membership.

If your going to be a club night over the next couple of weeks I will have the forms available for you to collect and complete. If your not able to make it could you contact me and we can make alternative arrangements to get the form to you.

Barrie Forbes

Hon. Treasurer

Schools in for Summer

DPS Memorial Summer School is almost here..
Week 1 – Lady & Gent Models + Live Owl. Pictures will be both indoor & outside.
Week 2 – Painting with light through Glass. Very funky and challenging but I know we will do it with great success.
Week 3 – Still Life. Not just the normal fruit there will be stations to test your creativity
Week 4 – Water Droplet photography. Beautiful images showing the movement of liquid.We are very excited for this year’s summer school – this is all for you, our lovely members to try different genres of photography without the hassle. See you there.


The Tall Ships Race – Sunderland this week! – Update 9th July

The Tall Ships Race visiting Sunderland this week with good opportunities for some great photographs. Visit for the time table of events and locations.

A number of the ships will be berthed in the historic Hudson Dock not normally open to the public and a bus service from Park Lane Bus Station and Metro takes you there every 12 minutes, service 33T.

The ships set sail on Saturday 14th July heading north up the coast before turning east for the next stage of the event. The website suggests 5pm to 7pm to catch them in full sail, but go early to get a parking place. Check out the website for parking restrictions etc.

Thank you

Peter Walton


Iris Trophy and Hon Members’ Cup Results: Judged by Lynda Golightly

Iris Trophy, set of five PDI’s

1st Place Alison CoatsworthTreevolution

No Image

2nd Place George Hodgson Impressions

3rd Place Alan Sharp  Civil War Battle


HC Was awarded to Angy Ellis,

Hon Members’ Cup set of five prints.

1st Place Hon Members Cup Catherine Yates Connections


2nd Place Hon Members Cup George Hodgson Weasel in the woodpile


3rd Place Hon Members Cup Tony Mearman


H C’s Were awarded to David Forster and Tony Griffiths

e-news from the PAGB 211:

e-news 211: includes many Individual Award Winners from the Inter-Federation Competitions, the second Jule Mullings article, featured photographer, Sharon Prenton Jones and more…HERE

e-news 211 extra: A Warwick Special with a list of all the participating Clubs the judges and more…..HERE

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Cathedral Exhibition 2018 – Update

The new display boards, which will be used for our Exhibition, arrived at the

Cathedral today (Monday 2 July). We confirmed that we can display up to 48

prints. In addition, we can display 15 prints in the restaurant.

We need another 20 prints to reach our total of 63 prints. So could you bring

along your prints either Thursday 5 July or Thursday 12 July at the latest!

The display boards look great so please help us to make this a fabulous

exhibition. WE NEED YOUR PRINTS!!

Mike Boult

The 134th Durham Miners’ Gala will be held on Saturday 14th July 2018.

Traditionally, the colliery bands would march though their villages starting early in the morning and the make their way to Durham from all directions and, in the main, that tradition remains today.

The main assembly point is the city centre Market Place and bands and banners start to march from there to the Racecourse from about 8.30am. Other assembly points are the Miners’ HQ at Red Hill near the railway station and the New Inn on the west of the city.

The focal point of the Gala is the County Hotel at Old Elvet where the two legs of the procession converge. Here, the union leaders, invited guests and local dignitaries greet the march from the hotel balcony and the bands pause to play their “party piece” before marching the short distance to the Racecourse where there is a platform for the speakers.

The procession can take three to four hours to pass the County Hotel due to the huge numbers attending and the frequent pauses at the hotel. However, a wonderful atmosphere of street theatre is created there making the occasion more a fiesta than a march.

On the Racecourse, the banners are strapped to the surrounding fences creating a colourful tapestry of working class history.

On the riverside, there are rides for the children and stalls selling everything from books to fast food.

In the marquees, there are many exhibitions and a place where tea and sandwiches can be bought run by the Durham Labour Party. And, on a field overlooking the racecourse, there is a fun fair with some scary rides for the more adventurous.

At 1pm, the platform party arrives and the Chairman opens the meeting.

After the speeches, four or five selected bands and banners march to the Cathedral for the Miners’ Service. Whether you are a believer or not, this is worth a visit for the sheer dramatic experience.

Peter Walton

Farne IslandsVisit

From Walter Bulmer

Wednesday 27th June five DPS members, Walter Bulmer, Brian Blake, Helen Rigby, Kev Alderson & Shiela Halkier left the glorious sunshine inland and headed for the of Northumberland, into the seafret  and 14 degrees. The trip was 2.5 hours including a tour of the Inner Farnes picking up history of the islands and viewing seals and hundreds of nesting birds on the cliffs and shores including Gullimots, Shag, Puffin, Razorbill and lots of various Gulls and Terns. Fortunately no one came off the worse by the attacking Terns as we climbed onto the island in search of the incredible Puffin. We didn’t have to look far as there are hundreds of Puffins nesting on the Islands, as these birds live 80% of their life off shore on the waves before coming to the islands to breed. Another interesting fact is they only have this fantastic coloured beak while breeding and after this they lose the colour platelets and return to grey. Although the light wasn’t in our favour, we all still came back with some great images in challenging conditions. The hour on the Island went very fast and it was back to the boat to Seahouses for fresh Fish and Chips for lunch which was enjoyed by all.

Walter Bulmer

More Images HERE