A large gathering of members and guests enjoyed a wonderful night at the Bowburn Hall Hotel. Special guest, the renowned photographer, lecturer and judge, Malcolm Kus ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, presented the trophies and proved to be a very entertaining after dinner speaker as well.

DPS President David Trout said, “The dinner went with a swing. It was one of the best I’ve been to and the atmosphere was terrific. Malcolm Kus was superb company, as we’ve come to expect, and grateful thanks must go to him, and to Colin, Roger and Angy for doing such a good job in organising the evening”.

A full list of 2010 trophy winners can be found on the back of the programme and on the Home page of this website under “Awards”.

The winner of the Vice President’s Award for outstanding service to the Society was also announced on the night. More on this on the Blog later.

Tony_Griffiths Angy_Ellis Christine_Oliphant David_Everett David_Trout Jim_Horne Joh_Gordon Les_Travis,Malcolm_Kus,Christine_Oliphant,Ian_Stafford,David_Trout Les_Travis Rob_Birrell


DPS President David Trout recently photographed an unusual and dramatic cloud formation. David said, “I took the picture from Frankland Lane recently and posted it on the Pentax User Forum. An airline pilot commented that they are Fallstreak Holes caused by aircraft punching through and that to get two side by side is unusual”.

The picture, also seen below, has now been published on the Cloud Appreciation Society website.

The Cloud Appreciation Society was founded by Gavin Pretor-Pinney from the UK in 2005. The society aims to foster understanding and appreciation of clouds and has nearly 25,000 members from over 80 countries.

The website is quirky: “At The Cloud Appreciation Society we love clouds, we’re not ashamed to say it and we’ve had enough of people moaning about them …. we are fighting the banality of ‘blue-sky thinking’”

It’s a must for landscape photographers and anyone interested in learning more about clouds.

The picture gallery contains a large number of fascinating images of clouds taken by photographers from all over the world. As David has discovered, it is a simple process to post images.



The Skies are Crying,The Last Farewell to the Ark Royal

I caught the Ark Royal’s visit to the Tyne in 2008. I was having a pleasant walk along the prom at Shields, with the lady wife, when I saw the carrier approaching the mouth of the Tyne. Walk suspended, back to the car and rocket along to the Groin in the river entrance to await the arrival. A lot of standing about later, and increasing grumbling from the parked car nearby, and I was rewarded with some nice, head-on shots of this beautiful ship. The light was fading so conditions were not ideal but I did submit one shot to a DPS competition and the discerning judge, John Brown, selected it for one of the awards. How chuffed was I, a brand new starter at the club at that time.

I promised myself to do better next time and that moment was forced on me a couple of weeks ago when the government, in its dotage, decided to mothball the ship and it returned to the Tyne for a farewell visit. Determined to get the most out of my pensioner’s bus pass I caught the bus to Shields, then ferried across the river and worked my way along to the Northumbria Quay, where the ship was tied up. Nice to see it fairly close up, but the eight feet high barrier fence pretty much knocked on the head any chance of worthwhile photographs (for trivia anoraks, the gap between the metal uprights is 75mm, which allowed me to poke my 8-200 lens through but not to manoeuvre it). The weather did not help as there was a bitter, rain-laden, north wind. By the time I returned to the ferry the sky was getting very dark and there were frequent downpours, not necessarily a bad sign as I have a leaning towards moody landscapes and conditions were certainly atmospheric. The Ark Royal was due to cast off at 3pm so I was firmly planted near the Customs House, opposite the mooring, in good time. As the hour approached, so did the heavy clouds, and by 3pm freezing rain was driving directly into faces of intrepid well-wishers and cascading from the camera lenses. It was so dark that my auto-focus got the sulks and I had to resort to doing the job manually. Being stern-on to the sea, the ship was towed upstream, rotated and brought back down, a process which probably took about 20 minutes but seemed to last several hours. I was frozen and wet through, despite my elderly gortex waterproofs. My sympathy went to the sailors on the ship, who were lined up along the rails and leading edge of the flight deck for this entire period. My last shot was of the carrier vanishing into the darkness of the building storm, like an image of some surface raider during World War II, a great, powerful shadow sliding silently out into the ocean. Then I wrung my camera out and sloshed back to the bus stop for a long ride home, nursing my incipient pleurisy. Between racking coughs, I had an opportunity to review the day. On the whole I was pleased I had made the trip. I felt some kinship with the crew, even if all we shared was a storm, I had a great feeling of sadness and affection for the ship and felt privileged to have been able to wave her on her last journey. Sometimes a song title sums it all up, and Sonny Boy Williamson and I are in full agreement that on this occasion; the skies were most definitely crying.

Dennis Hardingham


ar74 ar3 ar11s ar20s ar36s ar49s ar66s ar71s ar72

All Photos Dennis Hardingham.


Sunday 14th November, Durham

Once again, members of the Society were out in force to capture Remembrance Sunday in the City for the Durham Light Infantry veterans – at the Cathedral, marching through the streets and at the Town Hall.


Remembrance Day 2010 ©JAttle-38

Remembrance Day 2010 ©JAttle-104 20101114_219_web 20101114_342_web 20101114_438_web 

More pictures can be found here:


This year one of our members attended the largest parade outside London. Many thanks to Mr Arthur Lockyear MBE for allowing Ian Stafford privileged access.


NEWS REPORT: Wear Area Print Battle, Pictures

As previously reported, Durham PS won the 2010 Wear Area Print Battle which was judged by Malcolm Kus ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP. There was some excitement about this because, although we are the largest club we have not had our hands on the trophy for many a long year! All credit to our friends at Consett and Washington clubs who came within a point or two of beating us once again. The pictures below are our winning entry.

Tony_Griffiths,_Aboard_Sir_Nigel_Gresley Christine_Oliphant,_Rugged_Beauty David_Trout,_Schizophrenia_-_2 Ian_Stafford,_At_Ease Les_Travis,_Family_Squabble Les_Travis,_The_Cloister Neil_Maughan,_Dawn_over_Dunstanburgh

The Wear Area is one of six groups of clubs within the Northern Counties Photographic Federation. More information about the NCPF is on:


Digital SLR User magazine’s Photographer of the Year Competition.

Yes, Neil Maughan’s Dawn over Dunstanburgh has been shortlisted into the final 20 in the landscape section. Follow the link: and click on POTY and then the landscape section to see Neil’s picture along with 19 other cracking images. It’s well worth checking out the other 4 sections as well. To be Shortlisted is a huge achievement. The overall winner will be decided by reader vote on line with huge value prizes up for grabs. Congratulations Neil and good luck!

Picture shows Neil in action recently.

Tony Griffiths Captures Neil in action



An exhibition of prints by members of Durham Photographic Society on the theme of Remembrance is now on in the Town Hall entrance gallery until the end of November. This is to co-incide with events in Durham around Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Ex© J Attle-23 Remembrance Ex© J Attle-20 Remembrance Ex© J Attle-21

More images of Durham Light Infantry Association events and past Remembrance Sundays can be found on the DLI Museum Friends Blog on the Gallery page. Members of the Society will again be photographing the parade through the City and onto the Town Hall on this year’s Remembrance Sunday. Pictures will be posted shortly afterwards.

Results 3rd Progress Print Competitions.

SECTION A. Judged by Dave Phillips.

1st Place. Les Travis…The Cloister.


2nd PLace. Ian Stafford… Whitby Goth.

Whitby Goth

3rd Place. Chris Oliphant…Rugged Beauty.

_DSC3328Rugged Beauty

4th Place. John Cummings… No. 19

No 19

5th. Place.Tony Griffiths…Aboard Sir Nigel Gresley.

Aboard Sir Nigel Gresley

The 2010 winner of the Harvey Adams Cup is Chris Oliphant.

SECTION B. Judged by Paul Ritchie.

1st Place. Angy Ellis…Missing Grandma.

Missing Grandma

2nd Place. David Forster…Caught Red Handed.

Caught Red Handed

3rd Place. Mike Boult…Climbing Mount Sage

Climbing Mount Sage

4th Place. Arnie Atkinson…Dunstanburgh Dawn.

 Dunstanburgh Dawn

5th Place. Angy Ellis…The Rebuild.

The Rebuild

The 2010 winner of the Stidwell Cup is Angy Ellis.