Durham PS Summer School Preview: Jeff & Mike’s Film Photography Night 18th August

And now for something completely different! It’s the third night of the four Durham Photographic Society Memorial Summer School evenings, this one focussing on the increasingly popular world of film photography:

It will be led by Jeff Teasdale and Mike Boult. It will include a review of film photography, a wide range of film cameras (bring your own film camera if you have one) and a look at some famous photographers. It will also be revealed how you can get a 100 million pixel camera for under £200!! Do not miss this night of nostalgia and up to the minute photography!

As a bonus, surprise guests might well turn up

Summer School is at our usual venue of St Oswald’s Hall on the four Thursdays in August at 7.30 pm. Free to members and you can bring a friend. Tea and coffee available as usual

Next up: the final DPS MSS night of 2016 – Sandra’s Light Painting Night 25th August

Jeff Teasdale’s article, Why do I make Pinhole Cameras is on this website here

Some excellent photography books by Jeff Teasdale are on line here

See some Mike Boult photography on Flickr here

Pictured: Turn, Turn again by Jeff Teasdale and Winding Tracks by Mike Boult

Turn, Turn Again by Jeff Teasdale     Winding Tracks by Mike Boult

More from … DPS Memorial Summer School

More pictures from the Summer School portrait night are now showing on the About us page for one week only here

Coming soon – the Summer School Portrait Night gallery will have a more permanent home in the Social and Events Galleries section of the Members Page here, along with images from opening preview night of our Annual Exhibition in the Cathedral

Next week at DPS Memorial Summer School, 11th August it’s the one and only Jed Wee with the Jed Wee Special night. Then on the 18th , it’s Jeff & Mike’s Film Night – bring your prized Leicas and Hasselblads etc for added retro feel, and on the 25th Sandra’s painting with light workshop

Pictured: Eye on the Ball by Jed Wee ARPS

                                                                Eye on the Ball. Jed Wee ARPS

DPS Memorial Summer School Night News: 4th August

It was a great start to our first ever Memorial Summer School night. Named in honour and celebration of the members who have passed in recent times, having a Summer School means we are one of the few photography clubs to open all year round

Founder and organiser Angy Ellis was rewarded by over 50 enthusiastic members and a sprinkling of guests turning up and proceeding to have a great night of hands on photography and socialising. And with possibly a Record Breaking number of cameras ever to turn up to a “Camera club” event!

There were two lighting set ups – Joanne Coates with her continuous lighting and Peter Walton with his synched strobes – with expert advice on hand, and, in contrast, the area outside the Hall that had endless opportunities and backgrounds in the evening light

Best of all, it was great to work with our absolutely superb, experienced and accomplished models, Danni Whittle, Samantha Bell and Victoria Dickinson. And with Peter Walton’s advice to engage ringing in our ears (“This is not Street or Landscape photography – engage!”) that’s exactly what we did

In short it was great fun and we all learnt a lot

NB: please remember to bring in CDs for Danni, Sam and Victoria with 3 or so of your best pictures of them. Angy will pass them on

Annual Exhibition Durham Cathedral

The exhibition continues and will be on in the glorious North Aisle until 29th August with take down on the 30th. Members can enhance their enjoyment of it by spending time stewarding and meeting the public. See earlier NewsBlogs for details

Town Hall Exhibition

Members’ photography is also on show in the entrance gallery of Durham Town Hall for the rest of the month. The theme is “What makes the North East great” – don’t miss!

Assignment Streets of Brass

Send your 8 images for the Assignments page gallery to Dave Forster asap. The Review night will be 7.00 pm Tuesday 9th August at the Dunelm Club

Crystal Balls Challenge – try not to hog!

Please attempt to pass them around between members during the summer and/or bring in on Thursday night Summer School

Review night is 8th December

Mentor Scheme

Need a helping hand with your photography? At any level we have someone for you. Check out our Newsblog on the subject here and contact Mike Boult to take part

This Weekend

Edinburgh Fringe kicks off plus Stockton International Riverside Festival and Tough Mudder Skipton, and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge eye is blinking more often right through August

Links to these and more events through the summer are on the Hot Dates page here.

Next Week Thursday 11th August

It’s the second of the Durham Photographic Society Memorial Summer School events taking place on the four Thursdays nights in August. This will be a barnstorming Jed Wee Special and all about the appreciation of photography. It will be highly participative and an Experience with a capital E so diarise now and be there!

See also the “What’s on … Summer School Line-up” Newsblog here and forthcoming tantalising preview

Pictured: scenes from DPS MSS Portrait Night, and portraits of Danni, Sam and Victoria – photos Angy Ellis

Danni. Angy Ellis Sam. Angy Ellis DPS MSS 1 (2)

DPS MSS 1 (13) Victoria. Angy Ellis DPS MSS 1 (6)

What’s on: Durham PS Memorial Summer School line-up

from Angy Ellis

The DPS Memorial Summer School programme is finalised. It will be the first time the club will be open during August – keeping our year vibrant, thriving and exciting – with a full year’s programme for our members

There will be a varied and interesting series of hands-on tutorials, chats, demonstrations and more:

4th August – Portrait night

We will have 3 portrait stations, two headed up by Peter Walton & Joanne Coates. There will be 3 models, Sam, Victoria and Danni, and lights and props – just bring your camera(s). Help and advice will be on hand so you learn techniques and leave with some great shots

11th August – Jed Wee

This night will be a Jed Wee Special – an interactive night on image understanding – just turn up and be prepared to enjoy a great night

18th August – Film Night

Michael Boult & Jeff Teasdale will lead a hands-on ‘Film’ night (stills not movies!). They will cover cameras, format, processing, printing, Lightroom etc. It will be a very interesting well put together evening

25th August – Light Painting with Sandra Hewitson.

Sandra will talk through her equipment, technique, camera and settings and with the blinds closed and lights off we can have a go ourselves. A practical photography night so bring your cameras

All members welcome. As well as trying something new and sharing skills – the four weeks are also to encourage new members so you can bring along a family member/ friend for any of the nights and it’s free. Let me know so we can keep an eye on numbers

Pictured: Sam, Victoria and Danni by Angy Ellis

  Samantha. Angy Ellis Danni. Angy Ellis Victoria 3. Angy Ellis