NCPF Judges Recruitment Seminar: register by 31st January

You too could be an NCPF Judge but hurry!

The Judges Subcommittee is looking to adding to its current list of Judges at Club level and as previously reported will hold a recruitment seminar at CLARA VALE COMMUNITY CENTRE on Sunday the 25th February 2018 between 10am and 4pm.

A flyer that sets out the details and incorporates a registration form (fill in and send in by 31st January) is here

Check out also the link to Articles & Book on Judging on the Competitions page of this website

Pictured: from Members’ Galleries 2016 in Galleries , Fight Night by NCPF Judge Angy Ellis

                                                          Fight Night (22)

Morpeth Camera Club’s Big Event

Morpeth Camera Club’s  Big Event will take place on Tuesday 6th March 2018 and features renowned photographers Gwen & Phil Charnock, entitled ‘A Life of Photography’.  This promises to be a very memorable evening of excellent photography

7.30 pm, Morpeth Methodist Church ME61 1HU

£7 Print Exhibition and refreshments included

Stephanie Robson, Publicity Secretary, Morpeth Camera Club.

                                                         2018 Event Poster

Club Night Preview: 4th January 2018

President’s Night: Peter Walton presents – “Around the World & Around the Corner”

In a tradition going back many years, the first night of our new year is by our current President and invariably a good night (no pressure!)

It’s also an opportunity to renew membership and the good news is there is once again no increase in fees. Details are on the About page. If you have one, complete the proforma to save time queuing or fill one in on the night. You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. If the latter, note we have new bank details this year.

You can also book and pay for the annual awards presentation dinner:

From Mike Boult: our annual dinner will be at Bowburn Hall Hotel on Friday 16th February 2018. The price remains the same as last year at £20 per person. There  is a notice on the noticeboard for you to fill in. We need your name and how many guests you wish to bring. On the night, Angy will be doing her famous raffle with loads of prizes! We will be showing our winning images for you all to enjoy! It will be a great night! Everyone is welcome!

Photo: Peter Walton


Website Watch – year end update

Our regular viewers will be aware that we had technical problems with the site during 2017. Our technical team have succeeded in re-building the site and repairing the menu functions. This has enabled the editorial content team to refresh the 400 plus pages for the year end, including the publishing of our fabulous Competitions and Programme for 2018

The biggest problem has been the loss of some of the picture content. We have succeeded, though, in re-publishing well over a hundred Members’ Galleries and most of 18 missing Assignment galleries. We have also added pictures to most of the pages that didn’t have them and revised much of the text content

Some but not all NewsBlogs between 2014 and 2017 have also lost images, which are replaceable but it would be a daunting task

Pdfs are also affected and we are currently replacing the ones in External Competitions

There is a great deal of excellent content – please enjoy exploring

Your Committee are considering how best to proceed in the future and will be making an announcement soon

Thanks for your support over the years and Happy New Year!

Pictured: from the Valente Cup 2017 entries, Roseberry Topping by Barry Armitage

                                                       HC Valente Cup. 1 Roseberry Topping. Barry Armitage

Happy Christmas to all our Readers!

It’s been a tough year for technical problems but your website team have been beavering away to the point that members’ galleries and most of Assignments have been restored. Plus plenty of new and year end content created. After a short break we’ll continue the good work and update you as to progress

Thank you to all our many contributors and multitude of viewers

All the best for Christmas and 2018!

Picture: J Attle

          Christmas Eve at the Cathedral

Trophy Winners from 1950

From Joe Grabham EFIAP/s

The Trophy Winners from 1950 pdfs in the Archives section of the website have been updated with the names of all the trophy winners in 2017. This has led to some changes in the accompanying Record Breakers Analysis

Top Ten Trophy Winners 1950 to 2017

David Trout LRPS moves one closer to being Durham’s most successful competitor – he now shares third place with Harry Holder, both having won 27 trophies – just behind Colin Armitstead APAGB on 29 and the late Maurice Sanderson on 30

Michael Watson’s three trophies this year have moved him into the top ten trophy winners – he now shares 10th place with Royston Thomas both having won 17 trophies

Most Wins by Trophy

David Trout LRPS becomes a seven-time winner of the Dunelm Trophy

Michael Watson becomes the fourth member to win the Valente Cup four times – a distinction shared with Harry Holder, John Wise and John Clarke ARPS

Fascinating Facts!

This section makes for truly fascinating reading – for instance that 205 different photographers have won DPS trophies of which 93 have won one only

All Trophy Winners 1950 to 2017 & Trophy Winners 1950 to 2017 – Record Breakers Analysis are here

Members that like to plan ahead can find Competitions 2018 – Dates Trophies & Judges on the Competitions page here

Pictured: Maurice Sanderson by Mavis Ord 2008

                                                                       Maurice Sanderson by  Mavis Ord

Club Night News: 21st December – 20th Christmas Quiz!

Roger’s Christmas Quiz

Hon. Life Member Roger Culpin’s consummate Christmas Quiz has been an annual highlight of our year for 20 years! Fellow Hon. Life Member Janet Thackray checked her Programme collection and the first one was definitely in 1997!

This year it was as fresh, fiendish and fun as ever and enjoyed by a large and convivial gathering of members and friends. There were time honoured rounds including Roger’s Travels, general knowledge and logo/brand close-ups. Once again, Angy Ellis, in sparkling jacket and form, MC’d an endorphin inducing musical round that was a joy. And there was delicious Christmas cake made by Veronica Barker to a secret recipe, and liquid refreshments laid on by another Hon. Life Member, Don Bennett

It was not about the winning, though the winning team, the “Dirty Dozen”, beg to differ and, your blogger must point this out, Joe Grabham’s team, seated by the piano and calling themselves the “JoeAnnas”, came a creditable third. Joe, of course, recently a glorious Master of Print winner, is also Hon. Life Member

Annual Awards Presentation Dinner

From Mike Boult: our annual dinner will be at Bowburn Hall Hotel for Friday16th February 2018. The price remains the same as last year at £20 per person. There will be notice on the notice board from Thursday 30 November. We need your name and how many guests you wish to bring. It will be a great night! Everyone is welcome!

DPS Exhibition, Durham Town Hall

Our Town Hall Exhibition has been extended to the end of January 2018 and has been refreshed with a change of prints on display

Member Survey – have your say!

As launched at the AGM, member survey forms were available from David Hickman. Please return if you have one on the first night back in the New Year 4th January or fill one in on the night

Society Challenge 2018

Hon. Programme Secretary Paul Ritchie announced that after the success of Society Challenge Crystal Ball in 2016, there will be a new challenge this year involving rather beautiful glass mannequin heads. Members can borrow one for a week at a time and use their creative photography skills to include them in photographs. There will be a night in November to view the pictures together

Images from the Crystal Ball Challenge are in a newly restored gallery in Members’ Galleries 2016 on the Galleries page here

Competition Countdown

The 2018 competitions will be in your printed programme when we return for President’s Night 4th January and of course on this website soon

2018 Membership

It was agreed at the AGM that fees remain the same for 2018: £40 Full Year, £20 Half Year, £20 Students and Overseas members

Our new Hon. Treasurer Barrie Forbes has produced a proforma for members to complete that will save time on the night. You can pay for the Presentation Dinner as well (or nearer the time) and by cash, cheque or Bank Transfer. Please note our bank details are different from last year

Next Meeting: Thursday 4th January

By time honoured tradition, the first night of our new year is President’s Night. Our President, Peter Walton will be showing a superb body of work!

Pictured: from the Crystal Ball Challenge 2016 by Dave Murrell

                                                          1d.  Dave Murrel

e-news from the PAGB 197:

enews 197 features FIAP World Cup winners, pictures from the GB Trophy, More from the Masters of Print including Public Choice and more – all here

Coming soon – a report from Alex Elwood of the great event here

See also Alex Ellwood’s account of The Masters of Print exhibition opening at the Robert Burt Gallery here

NB The best way to receive FREE e-news is by email. Easily done by registering at


Pictured: Last One Out by Joe Grabham EFIAP/s, from the 2017 Masters of Print

                                                                        Last One Out. Joe Grabham EFIAPs

Club Night Preview: 21st December

Roger’s Christmas Quiz:

Roger has been compiling his Christmas Quiz for at least the last year, as he has for many, many (we’ve lost count) years. It will be fiendish, competitive and fun, and in convivial company helped along by Veronica’s delicious Christmas cake and seasonal wine and soft drinks laid on by Don. Members’ guests welcome

Pictured: members enjoying the Jeff Teasdale Lakes Weekend. More pictures are in Members’ Galleries 2017 here

                                                   Peter Walton 3

Results: Valente Cup 2017

For the best set of three prints with no requirement for the images to be linked by theme or content

Judge: Stephen Fowler

1st Michael Watson

with Wild Eurasion Bear Reflection, Red Deer in Snow and Mountain Hare in Snowstorm

1st, Valente Cup 1. Wild Eurasian Bear Reflection. Michael Watson1st, Valente Cup 2. Red Deer in Snow. Michael Watson1st, Valente Cup 3. Mountain Hare In Snowstorm. Michael Watson

2nd Alison Coatsworth AFIAP

with Oak Tree & Herdwicks, Wry Nose Pass, Buttermere Dawn and Wastwater

2nd, Valente Cup 1. Oak Tree & Herdwicks, Wrynose Pass. Alson Coatsworth2nd, Valente Cup 2. Buttermere Dawn. Alison Coatsworth2nd, Valente Cup 3. Wastwater. Alison Coatsworth

3rd Julie Ferry

with Heading Home, Life in the Slow Lane and Wise Man of the Temple

3rd, Valente Cup 2. Heading Home. Julie Ferry3rd, Valente Cup 1. Life in the Slow Lane. Julie Ferry3rd, Valente Cup 3. The Wise Man of the Temple. Julie Ferry

HC Alan Sharp

with Bin Watch, Santa Maria, through the Gate and Ready to Sail

HC Valente Cup. 1 Bin Watch. Alan SharpHC Valente Cup. 2 Santa Maria. Through the Gate. Alan SharpHC Valente Cup. 3 Ready to Sail. Alan Sharp

HC Barry Armitage

with Roseberry Topping, Autumn at Gibside and Langdale from Elterwater

HC Valente Cup. 1 Roseberry Topping. Barry ArmitageHC Valente Cup. 2 Autumn at Gibside. Barry ArmitageHC Valente Cup. 3 Langdales from Elterwater. Barry Armitage